Energy Audits

With the increase in cost of power and the continual decrease in the quaility of our power be delivered to a facility. Facility managers are being pressured to find a real solution that help there bottom line

the story gets tougher because with the addition of energy saving devices like switching computer power supplies and power rectifiers electronic ballast and variable speed drives which all electronic by nature. they are extreamly sensitive to power quality anomalies like EMI, power surges. bad grounds. and low power factor (PF)

We provide a real engineering solution that improves your energy delivery to your system. How? First we start with an audit to determine your current condition. this includes power quality analysis, frequency spectrum test, and ground testing. Based on the audit, we will not only dramatically lower your facility maintanance but decrease power useage at the facility.

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Commercial Solar

  • We develope, design, and install solar energy generating systems. Small, medium, and larg anywhere. we have financing, SREC brockerage, and energy auditing.

    Commercial Roofing

  • We provide roofing service of all different types of material some even have a lifetime warrenty large to small scale.

    Commercial LED

  • Our LED technology can help you save money and energy with HAVC lighting to replaceing incondesent or floresent bulbs

Services List

    Commercial Solar Power systems

    Site analysis

    feasibility studies

    system design

    Solar engineering

    structural engineering

    project management

    constrution services

    solar RFP writing

    solar system finaceing

    power purchase agreements

    energy audits